Ready for GNUHealthCon 2021!

GHCon 2021, the GNU Health annual conference focused on Social Medicine and Libre Health Informatics will be celebrated Dec 10-11th.

Social Medicine, Libre Software and health informatics enthusiasts have a date this Friday and Saturday at GHCon 2021!

The 2-day annual conference organized by GNU Solidario, will be hosting delegates from organizations around the world. We will have over 20 speakers from Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Spain, Haiti, Germany, Bangladesh, England and France, among others.

The Free Software community, will be represented by delegates from openSUSE, the Qt project, FOSSHOST, Free Software Foundation Europe, Orthanc PACS server and GNU Health.

This year we will introduce a new section, “GNU Health in original version”, which will have talks in French, Haitian creole and Spanish. This allows non-English speaking audience to know more about the GNU Health community in their region, and in their language.

Thanks to our friends from Olimex, we will be celebrating a draw among those registered at GHCon, for a fantastic, 100% libre hardware LIME2, where you can run the GNU Health HMIS / LIS or MyGNUHealth, the GNU health Personal Health Record application.

On Friday, we will have talks from different academic institutions and organizations focused on Social Medicine and applied Libre technologies.

Saturday will be dedicated integrally to the GNU Health community around the globe, current implementations, the upcoming GNU Health HMIS 4.0 , the GNU Health Federation, MyGNUhealth, etcetera. There will be a round table open for all participants.

On Saturday evening we will be celebrate the GNU Health Social Medicine Awards ceremony. The winners of this edition for outstanding individual, best organization and GNU Health implementation will be announce at 19:30 UTC.

The GNU Health Social Medicine Awards 2021 ceremony

Don’t forget to register! GHCon is free, but you need to be registered!

Register here :

See you on Friday!

Thank you to our sponsors: Cabildo de Gran Canaria (consejería de Solidaridad Internacional), openSUSE, Olimex and Thymbra Healthcare. GNUHealthCon would not be possible without their support!

Our sponsors: Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Thymbra, openSUSE and Olimex