GNU Solidario emergency mission in Haiti earthquake: A summary.

Summary of the emergency response of GNU Solidario in the Haiti earthquake.

Dear all

On August 14th 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. According the European Commission Emergency Response Coordination Centre, this natural disaster resulted in 2200 fatalities, 137500 houses damaged or destroyed, 650000 in need of emergency humanitarian assistance and 754200 acutely food insecure.

European Commission Emergency Response Coordination Centre report as in Sept 25th 2021

Immediately after, GNU Solidario started an emergency mission to help those in need. We setup a donation campaign that run for the next couple of weeks. When the campaign was over, we contacted our colleagues from Medicos del Mundo. GNU Solidario and Medicos del Mundo worked together to ensure the resources are properly handled and arrive to the strategic health institutions, in the shortest time possible, given the political and social unrest existing in Haiti.

Today we are proud to announce that a shipment consisting of over 1370 units of medicaments and medical supplies will be delivered to the following health institutions.

  • Area: Grand’Anse
  • Hospital Jéremie
  • Moron and Chambellan health institutions

The initial earthquake emergency campaign is now over, and we can focus on our Social Medicine progam in Haiti. At this moment, GNU Solidario is working with his local representative, Eng. Pierre Michel Augustin, in the GNU Health Limbé headquarter, an operation center that will provide support to our health professional colleagues. The GNU Health headquarter in Haiti will also provide training for academic and health institutions.

We plan to have the GNU Health node in Limbé fully operational by the end of 2021. Haiti is suffering one of the worst episodes of political and civil unrest. They need us more than ever.

In GNU Solidario we are determined to bring back the dignity of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We will keep on working with our team in the country, generating local capacity and helping to generate a sustainable health network across the country, for the betterment of their society.

Thank you to all of you who, directly or indirectly participated in this emergency campaign, to improve the lives of those who need it most at this moment.

About GNU Solidario:

GNU Solidario is a humanitarian non-profit organization with a worldwide mission to advance and deliver Social Medicine. In this context, we also fight for the freedom and dignity of non-human animals.

Although we sometimes work in emergency situations, most of our resources are focused on delivering sustainable solutions for the betterment of our societies. We actively work in two large areas: Health informatics (the GNU Health ecosystem) and Animal Rights (Rompiendo Cadenas).

For GNU Health projects in Haiti :